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Safety Resources

Welcome to the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay’s Safety Resources page. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and this section is dedicated to providing you with valuable information and resources to help you stay safe in our community.

Emergency Contacts

In case of emergency, it’s crucial to have quick access to essential contact information. Here are some important numbers to keep handy:

Safety Tips

We’ve compiled a list of safety tips and guidelines to help you navigate various aspects of daily life in Happy Valley-Goose Bay:

Community Safety Programs

We actively participate in and support various community safety programs aimed at enhancing the overall safety and security of our residents. These programs may include:

  • Neighborhood Watch: Join or start a neighborhood watch program in your area to foster a safer community environment.

  • Youth Safety Initiatives: Information on programs designed to educate and protect our youth.

Safety Education

We believe that knowledge is key to safety. Explore our collection of safety educational materials, by clicking here.

Report an Issue

If you come across safety concerns in our community, such as damaged infrastructure, hazardous conditions, or suspicious activities, please use our Report an Issue feature to notify the relevant authorities.

Emergency Alerts

Sign up for our Emergency Alert System to receive real-time notifications about critical incidents, severe weather, or other emergencies affecting our community. Your safety matters to us, and being informed is the first step in staying safe.

Together, we can create a safer, more secure Happy Valley-Goose Bay for everyone. Thank you for being an active participant in our community’s safety efforts.

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