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Business Incentives

Happy Valley-Goose Bay remains the hub of Labrador, with its accessibility by land, sea and air and abundance of provincial and federal government administrative offices. The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay provides not only core municipal services to businesses in the region, but assists with new business and development proposals to aid new and existing businesses in establishing successful operations in the region.

The Town provides high quality municipal services, infrastructure, and many other support services to ensure a competitive business environment and high quality of life for community members.

Other support organizations include a number of provincial and federal agencies as well as:


Financial and professional assistance is available for business startups and expansions from a number of public agencies, including but not limited to:

Business tax rates in Happy Valley-Goose Bay are competitive with other communities of our size and economic landscape.

For complete information, please refer to the 2023 Taxes and Fees policy below.

Business Tax Rates

New Business Creation

In Happy Valley-Goose Bay, major private sector companies focus on retail, wholesale, and services to boost the region’s economy. Local businesses actively seek investments for industrial and domestic clients, including projects like Muskrat Falls and mining. They also explore opportunities for exporting goods and services beyond the region. Additionally, numerous home-based businesses, spanning various sectors, enrich the local service landscape. The Town remains open to emerging business prospects and adapts to changing economic conditions. For more information, visit our website’s Business section.

Located adjacent to the Goose Bay Airport, the North Side Industrial Park is increasingly becoming the focus for new developments related to large-scale projects.

In addition, with its close proximity to the Goose Bay Port, the North Side Industrial Park offers many opportunities for the warehousing of goods destined for the coast of Labrador and beyond.

For information on these exciting opportunities, contact us for further details.

Industrial Land


During the 1990s, negotiations between the Departments of National Defense and Transport Canada paved the way for the privatization of the Goose Bay Airport and the establishment of the Goose Bay Airport Corporation in 1998. This corporation is responsible for managing and promoting airport industrial lands for civilian purposes, offering strategic opportunities such as import/export, freight forwarding, manufacturing, aircraft servicing, and more. The airport’s top-tier infrastructure and favorable weather conditions have even earned it the status of an alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle program, a rare distinction on the continent.

The Port of Goose Bay boasts a sizable industrial dock and storage facility with potential for various industrial uses due to its underutilization and prime location. The Labrador Hunting & Fishing Association Inc. (LHAFA) offers annual memberships and plans to construct a full-service marina near the Goose Bay Airport Corporation Float Plane Base and the main Ferry Dock, featuring secured boat storage, berths, power, fuel services, rentals, and member facilities. Visit their website for further information.

Port Information

5 Wing Goose Bay

5 Wing Goose Bay is a pivotal military training center, serving the Canadian Armed Forces, Allies, and NORAD. It offers excellent facilities for top-tier military preparation. Additionally, it plays an integral role in the communities of central Labrador, including Happy Valley-Goose Bay, through diverse operations, including joint and combined training. Its primary mission is supporting NORAD operations on Canada’s northern and northeastern coasts, and it maintains a strong partnership with the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and the local community.

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