Town of Happy Valley Goose Bay

Town of

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Town of

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Happy Valley - Goose Bay

Happy Valley
Goose Bay

Grand River Snowmobile Club


Labrador is the perfect place for the passionate snowmobile rider. The beautiful scenery and incredible amounts of snow makes it a great destination for the casual trail rider and the adventurous, deep snow, off trail, mountain climbing, thrill seeker!

This site is a place for you to get information on the trails and upcoming events that will be happening in the area throughout the season.

Trail stickers for maintained groomed trails are a requirement by law in our province, and you are required to purchase and display a pass for each snowmobile.

Remember, the purchase of the passes help us keep our trails in top condition. We are not a government funded entity, our trails are maintained because of the support of the snowmobiling population! Passes can be purchased at the local snowmobile dealerships in town.

Happy Sledding!